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Raghbir Singh Nandra

Dr Raghbir Singh Nandra was born in India in the year 1956 after which he migrated to Nairobi in Africa at only five months old with his parents. Thereafter, he returned back to India in the year 1962 when he was six years old where his early childhood begun, influenced at large by the teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Upon completing his primary education at the Government High School in Nakodar he migrated to England where he joined his father in 1967. Raghbir resumed his secondary education at Thomas Telford High school from age eleven leading into further education and heading for University. Despite all geographical and environmental changes Raghbir’s heart and mind always remained focused with his passion for Sikhism inherently growing stronger.

In the year 1974 Raghbir Singh baptised as an orthodox Amritdhari Sikh having experienced various physical, emotional, and spiritual conjectures. From this point on, his mission to guide humanity became the prognostic ambition.

Raghbir's father, Sr Ajit Singh Nandra deceased in 1976 leaving him and the family in consternation. Raghbir being dutiful by nature, sacrificed his milieu academia in order to maintain and nurture family responsibilities bestowed upon him at the mere age of twenty.

Given his artistic background and talent, Raghbir manifested his skills to relay religious insights creating masterful works of art, which in turn led to the development of a thriving career in Signwriting and Printing. The first handwritten signage Raghbir produced still presents the forefront of the Palki Sahib Ji at the Ramgarhia Sikh Temple, Stoke-On-Trent. The entrepreneurial dexterity in Raghbir enabled the business to grow steadily, and hence the successful establishment of Dr Print (UK) Ltd.

Alongside daily routines Raghbir continued searching religious truths, which he felt lay amongst the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and indeed the Gurus, ultimately epitomised within the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Given the contextualised circumstances, in 1997 his committed beliefs spiralled into setting up a trust, namely The Peace Foundation, in a vivid attempt to promote a deeper understanding of Sikhism.

Indian Festivals, a Punjabi book published in 2001 with English translations, explaining the significance of numerous auspicious Indian events was made available to all leading libraries throughout the United Kingdom. In addition, Raghbir ensured this book was delivered to Sikh Temples within Britain to capacitate Sangat awareness.

In late December 2014 a religiously propelled realisation dawned upon Raghbir to excel his mission on Sikh doctrines via electronic applications. Such an App includes the Gurbani and Shabad by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Thus efficiently providing more readily sufficient sources of information on the Gurbani based on ongoing developmental knowledge and research to inspire and encourage forthcoming generations interested in Sikh scriptures.

Dr Raghbir Singh Nandra BSYA (Hom.), Dip HM (inst. NH) is Managing Director at Dr Print (UK) Ltd. He also practices his fervent interests in complimentary therapies since being qualified as a Homoeopathic, Nutrition, Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicine Practitioner.

In addition, as Trustee for The Peace Foundation (Promoting Gurbani Vichar) and being a member of the Education Committee of Sikh Council UK, Raghbir continues to share his dedication towards the Sikh faith.


In April 2019, whilst sat in my office one afternoon, I suddenly felt water-like fluid drip from my left nostril. Although a nuisance, I did not pay much attention as I thought it might be hay fever or an ordinary cold of some sort. A few weeks on, it persisted so I visited my General Practitioner. He suspected a viral infection and suggested I wait a further fortnight or so before any medical examinations be considered. A further five weeks passed and symptoms remained unchanged, and I was prescribed tablets and nasal spray by the General Practitioner. Also, I requested a referral letter to see a Private Healthcare Specialist. During week six an appointment with an ENT Specialist had been arranged. A sample of the fluid dripping from the nostril was taken and a further referral for an MRI and CT Scan was administered.

In week nine, after an additional three weeks, with all medical tests collated the ENT Specialist confirmed his hypothesis as a CSF leak. With this diagnosis, I was immediately referred to another leading surgeon specialising in the particular field. The Consultant Surgeon reviewed all test results and affirmed the extent of the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) leak. He explained it was a very serious health issue and if left untreated could lead to other severe medical complications, including meningitis and possibly death. The following week, a preventative injection against possible infections was given and a further two medical tests were proposed, as in my case there was still no apparent evidence of the actual cause of the CSF leak. I was due to see the Consultant Surgeon in a further six weeks. That night I was unable to sleep with the fear of what might happen to my future. Various thoughts kept circling my mind; questioning how my family will cope without me, I felt my responsibilities weighing even heavier, worrying about my wife and my two sons still to be married. I faced the picture of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji hung upon my bedroom wall, and prayed to be righteously directed. In thought, I vowed to myself, regardless of what may happen, I am going to the Gurudwara first thing in the morning before going into work. The following morning I went to the Gurudwara as planned, and have been doing so since that day for everyday of the week. It has now become a daily ritual for me which I intend to continue.

At almost sixteen weeks from the offset, I attended my follow up appointment with the Consultant Surgeon to discuss Endoscopic surgery required to seal the CSF leakage. It had been understood that as part of the surgery, membrane tissue would be removed from behind my ear and taken through my nose into the brain where it would be planted to seal the damaged area. Surgery was scheduled for three weeks following this appointment. After seeing the Consultant Surgeon, I made a conscious decision to continue my faith in Waheguru Ji, and as a strong believer of the Gurbani, I was adamant Waheguru Ji could treat me without any surgery. A week after the appointment, I sat alone in my bedroom listening to some religious videos on YouTube by Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen and Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji. In one of the videos there was a mention of how Guru Nanak Devi Ji and Guru Angad Dev Ji treated their disciples of serious illnesses through Ardaas and Gurbani. I got up in awe and in front of the same picture I started reciting the Ardaas whilst in tears including my plea, ‘….Almighty Lord you have cured serious illnesses of your disciples and my illness is very minor in comparison, you have the power to cure it without any medication or surgical invasion…' As I was doing the Ardaas, I felt a very powerful extraordinary and quite unexplainable vibe going through my entire body causing goosebumps. Furthermore, following my Ardaas I went to the local Gurudwara to again offer my prayers to the Almighty. You may call it the 'Miracle of Ardaas' or the 'Power of Ardaas' but since that very day, my condition started to improve. That very night, I noticed a significant difference. By the end of the week I was feeling seventy-five percent better and as each day passed, my symptoms recuperated.

During the period of my illness, an Akhand Paath had been planned for November to celebrate the 550th Birthday of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Also, a video for the Mool Mantar was uploaded on all my social media sites including our website and the Gurbani Vichaar Mobile App which has been running to promote the Gurbani since May 2016. There is a lot of power in the Mool Mantar and I would like forthcoming generations to understand this power and benefit from it.

Now it has been three weeks since my Ardaas and almost twenty weeks since I developed the initial symptoms of CSF, I truly feel I have completely recovered. There is absolutely no leakage and all surgical procedures have been cancelled. The Consultant Surgeon acknowledged the reversal of my CSF symptoms and confirmed that in some rare cases CSF can cure naturally. I believe my case is rare, and this has only been possible through the Power of Ardaas.

I wish to share my conclusive experience that God works in miraculous ways to connect with us. Difficulties in life lead us to the Gurbani, through which we should have faith in God regardless of all situations in life. We prioritise our life around family, leisure and materialism but overlook our main priority to establish a connection with God. God will always look after us and has a solution to all our problems, all we need to do is keep faith.

Raghbir Singh Nandra "Khaksar"


"The Gurbani Vichar App is progressively
anticipated at radiating words of the Gurus.
Reconcile oneself by comprehending
the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
God’s benediction has incarnated this ingenious information to the modern world."


I, being the youngest sibling, can intransigently confirm that my eldest brother Dr Raghbir Singh Nandra has remained a loyal devote disciple of the Sikh faith since my childhood. He has always respected forgathered senior religious acquaintances during his explorative journey to self-realization.

Raghbir has tenaciously supported and encouraged every family member during disincentive unforeseeable times with the unprecedented reassurance and guidance of prayer. Furthermore, I have witnessed Raghbir renounce his prerogatives to provide sustentation for others in need. A true delight to see him wholeheartedly persevering the desired path with an optimistic approach, which I do believe will aid humanity and reciprocate dividends.

Clearly being an expeditious, intelligent, and conscientious man, Raghbir bases actions upon religious beliefs gained through righteous understandings of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The fundamentals of Sikh principles, as he acknowledges, have been apparent since his early youthful years as a result of maternal religious nurturing. In my opinion, Raghbir has set a prodigious example of how a true Amritdhari Sikh ought to act. Mirthfully, his somewhat prudent humble approach to Sikhism is distinctively outstanding. A rare trait possessed in mankind exists within his character; a promise remains a promise, and has a personality ennobled by true generosity, sincerity, and trust in God.

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