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Composed of two words, 'Gur' and 'Bani', Gurbani refers to “The Speech of Wisdom” or “The Speech of Conscious Mind.” Also known as Dhur ki Bani, it is considered a source of spiritual knowledge which lights up the mind and provides inner bliss. In Adi Granth, Gurbani is a sound that directly comes from the Supreme. The text is its written form in
scripts and wordy language. By reading the Gurbani, a source of truth, an individual can eradicate his inner filth and sins.

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The Gurbani App

You need not carry Gutka to recite Gurbani anymore. Gurbani App for iPhone, iPad and Android lets you remember and connect with the Guru from anywhere and everywhere. Whether you are in your office, on the train, delayed at the airport or at your home on the couch, reading these explanations of qualities of the Lord and Soul are easy.

Our App includes Asa Di War, Mool Mantar - Gur Mantar, Nitnem, Sukhmani Sahib, Shabads, Lavan, Gurbani (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) and the Ardaas. Holy writings from different
Gutkas are compiled and presented at one place and you can read them with just one click.

Features of the Gurbani App


Read in a language convenient to you

Gurbani App is not only for those who can read Punjabi, in fact, it is for all. This is why the prayers are made available with English and Punjabi transliteration. Be it any path or shabad, you can easily choose between the two languages from the Settings option.

Comprehend the meaning of each word

To ascertain you are able to understand each and every word, the App comes with an option to read the prayers with their meaning. English text with its meaning and Punjabi text with its meaning are the two options you can choose from. So, do not just read, comprehend it.

Choose your suitable font size

Reading something on a small screen can be difficult, especially for those suffering from hypermetropia. Keeping this in mind, we have offered our users the flexibility to choose a suitable font size for easy reading. Keep it 10 or maximise it to 35. The choice is all yours!

Relish easy search

Type any word in the Search space and you are redirected to a page containing links of all pages where your desired word appears. Whether you type your word in English or Punjabi, the Search function will work the same for both.

Donate to Peace Foundation through the Gurbani App. Every pound you donate will be spent for the welfare of the society.